Buddy is an 8 month old Pomeranian X Maltese X Shih Tzu who has recently come in to care with us at #mylormanor.  He’s had a poor start to life and missed some critical socialisation periods and opportunities. He was initially sold by his breeder but returned for some reason.  She then kept him in a dark hallway with no other dogs or interaction with anyone or anything so he has no idea how he should behave.

He loves other dogs and out in the garden is his happy place. H absolutely loves his people and his dinner.

He’s as cute as a button but he needs someone who will see beyond his cuteness and be able to meet his needs.

He’s very full on – he hardly stops – including at night.  He barks during the night and will jump on you while you’re asleep.

He is not toilet trained and that is going to take some effort and persistence.  He also has no manners with people or other dogs – so has some learning to do! He had never worn a collar, harness or lead or been on a walk so again, time and patience will be required.

We do not want Buddy to bounce around – going out on trial and then being returned because he’s too much – so if you are going to apply for him – you need to make sure that you’re really up to the challenge of effectively meeting this sweetheart’s needs.

He’s not ready for adoption just yet – but you may apply and we’ll review your application once he’s ready.