This little Pomeranian guy has just come in to care with us. He was dumped at one of the vet clinics in Mt Barker. He doesn’t have a microchip so no clue about name or age. Poor love has rotten teeth, had dew claws that curled round in a complete circle, flea allergy dermatitis, he has a huge tumour on his testicle and kennel cough. He may also be deaf and looks to have arthritis! We’ve treated him with fast knockdown for fleas, cut his nails, given him an anti inflammatory and started him on antibiotics and cough medicine for his kennel cough. He needs to recover from that before we can do anything else.

Lobo means wolf and dark and mysterious – which really fits him – he looks a little like a wolf and is dark in colouring and his past is mysterious!  His Junior Foster Carer thinks his name should be:  Avocado Fluffy-Bum!

We will add to his profile as we get to know him – not ready for adoption just yet.

Lobo’s adoption fee will be $350