Daisey and Braxton

Braxton and Daisey are a bonded pair of seven-year-old pugs who must be rehomed together. They are both very affectionate and playful, and would love to have a new home where they will be valued members of the family.

Both are adjusting to being mostly inside dogs after being mostly outside. They love sleeping on the couch and snuggling up for cuddles. They will need some additional training in any new home to help them to continue to adjust to inside living and to know their boundaries – what is and isn’t ok to jump up on in particular, as both are very agile and will climb to get onto tables and counters. They need a very secure yard for the same reason.

Both are responding well to reward-based training to learn basic commands.

Although both are living happily enough with their foster fur siblings, they would be happiest in a home where they are the only dogs. Braxton is very friendly to all other dogs and humans, although he becomes extremely excited around anyone new, but Daisey has shown dog reactivity and resource guarding behaviours so would be more settled in a home with only her and Braxton.

They would also be happiest in a home where they can have a lot of human company. Both have shown the tendency to get stressed when they don’t have a human around or can’t get to their person.

They are not tested with cats or pocket pets. Both have been around children but would need a home with respectful or older children who are not likely to be hurt if Braxton or Daisey jump up against them.

These are not the dogs for anyone with suspected dog allergies as they shed a lot of fur.

An owner with previous breed experience or similar short-nosed breed would be ideal, but any experienced dog owner would be great too.

Adoption Profile:  Daisey (and Braxton) – Small Female Pug Dog in SA – PetRescue



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