Daisey and Braxton

Braxton and Daisey are a bonded pair of 7-year-old pugs who are looking for a new pug-loving family to give them a home together.

If you are looking for small dogs but prefer the big dog personality, then these two are for you! Pugs are a companion breed, so they will love you unconditionally and they expect the same unconditional love in return. The only things that they fear are you not recognizing their perfection and the potential that you will forget to feed them (which you never will because they will remind you).

When they came into care, they had no training, not even toilet training. After a few months, the hard work has been done by Foster Mum to get them used to inside living and being part of their human’s daily life. Both are food driven, particularly Braxton, so they have learnt basic commands with relative ease and could be trained to do more if desired. They need a patient family to reinforce what they’ve learned and get them fully adjusted.

Daisey and Braxton have two main settings:

Fur potato – The majority of the time they are on the couch or in their bed, often snuggled up together, and they love their human cuddles! Give them a bone or rubber toy to chew on and they will be happy for hours, just napping and chewing.
Agile boulder – When they get excited, they become true athletes, especially Braxton who is into amateur loungeroom parkour. However, both have responded well to training to be less bag-of-bricks-in-a-cyclone and more stop-and-wait.

Having come from a home without a lot of socialisation or walks, everything was exciting to them at first, but through training there has been a dramatic reduction in how much time they spend being over-excited. A home that is consistent with reinforcing this and patiently increases their exposure to new things will be rewarded with two beautiful, friendly, loving dogs.

Foster Mum is very happy to support their new family with this.

Another outcome of a lack of socialisation is that Daisey acts like she has been raised on the streets – if she was a human, she would be that girl who is super loyal, but sassy as heck, tells you exactly what she’s thinking, and is willing to fight anyone. She loves all humans but is distrustful of new dogs and has poor manners regarding food and chews. She has adjusted well to living with other dogs but ideally, she would be rehomed with either a very patient dog, or just her and Braxton.

Both are great with kids (but wouldn’t recommend for a home with very small children). They have adjusted well to a work routine after some initial separation anxiety so while they would love a home with constant human company, they are used to being alone for part time hours.

Both have had dentals while in care and during this procedure had checks for whether they needed anything urgent to improve their breathing. Daisey has had her nasal passages widened and does not appear to be a high risk for issues at this stage. Braxton has not had any procedures and while he has an overly long tongue he does not appear to be in any real discomfort. Losing weight has improved his breathing. They love their walks so a household where they can slowly build their fitness up with regular walks in appropriate weather would be ideal to help their breathing even more.

Adoption Profile:  Daisey (and Braxton) – Small Female Pug Dog in SA – PetRescue

Adoption fee:  $800


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