Winnie is a 10 month old Border Collie X Poodle who has come into our care recently.  Winnie is a lovely young dog – who will absolutely flourish with the right owner.

She has displayed some anxiety about new things in her space such as other dogs, people and things.  She was also very afraid when she was taken to the vet.

We have desexed Winnie and started her on some medication to reduce her anxiety and increase her capacity to gain confidence with new environments, things and people.  Our next step is to engage a positive reinforcement trainer to provide some training guidelines for Winnie.

Winnie will need a dog savvy experienced owner who is willing to (and wants to) have a very strong bond and relationship with their dog and spend significant time working with her to increase her confidence and provide her with strong supportive leadership.

She is also very high energy (and as Border Collies and Poodles are two of the smartest dog breeds) – she has a high level of intelligence, which she has demonstrated with her current training sessions with her Foster Mum.  She will need to live on land where she can get adequate physical exercise – or be engaged in an activity such as scenting, flyball or agility where she can receive the mental and physical stimulation she needs.

Winnie would do best in a home where she is the only dog.  While she is currently living with a young child, we feel an environment without young children with an owner who has the time and energy to focus on her would be best.








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