Pepper is a 10 year old Papillon who came into our care when his family had to move interstate to a rental that did not enable them to take him.  He’s a lovely jaunty little chap who spins to show how happy he is! There doesn’t seem to be anything that he doesn’t like. He’s fine with big dogs, fine with small dogs and fine with cats. Loves people and his previous owner is keen that we find him a family – where he will be doted on and loved – and hopefully with some kids because he just adores them! Loves his dinner, enjoys sitting on a lap but equally happy to curl up in a dog bed by himself.

Pepper has had a significant dental while in our care and now only has 5 teeth left. However, once their gums recover – it has been my experience that this doesn’t affect a dogs ability to eat easily and well at all. Pepper also had blood tests done. Initially they showed some concerning markers but he has had an ultrasound and a specialist ultrasound and has no health issues of concern. It is believed his results were due to his prolonged dental disease.

We don’t know whether Pepper lived inside before – but he has done a lot of marking in his foster home. This is an issue that will need to be worked on in his new home – with regular reinforcement of the desired place to go to the toilet and a new owner who is prepared to take him out regularly and stay with him until he goes – until he gets the idea himself. A belly band indoors might save your furniture and floors in the interim.


Adoption applications for Pepper are now open and close on Sunday 23rd January 2022. To apply:  Adoption | Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue, Rehoming & Retirement Inc. (



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