Teddy – on hold pending meets

Teddy’s owner adopted him a few months ago but her health has declined, and she now has to cart around an oxygen cylinder and she can’t give Teddy the exercise he needs. He lived with another small dog happily enough but he’s very independent and keeps to himself a lot.

He’s on medication for anxiety and is initially anxious meeting new people. He also barks and lunges at other dogs he sees out on a walk and can be possessive over his food and toys. He has been working well with a behavioural trainer and it may be of value to continue this.

Teddy will need a home without children that is fairly quiet and where his people are retired or home a lot. Prior to his most recent home, he was tormented by the children of the home before being banished to the back garden when he couldn’t cope.

He will need to build a relationship of trust with his family who should continue to work with a vet on monitoring and managing his anxiety and medication. His previous owner didn’t receive good advice regarding this when she first adopted him and stopped his medication. It may be able to be decreased or ceased in time once he’s settled and bonded.

We’ll get to know Teddy a little more before we profile him for adoption. Welcome Teddy – you’re in good hands with Angela. #hopespringseternal🐶 #welovefostercarers👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 #angelashouseofhounds🐶 #teddy🧸



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