Keeley and Kasey

Keeley is a 14 year old Cavalier X Poodle and Kasey is an 8 year old Cavalier X Llasa Apso.  The girls have had a single owner their whole life and have been dearly loved.

Due to personal circumstances, Mum has to find new accommodation and is unable to keep the girls; asking us to find them a wonderful new home and family.

They are a sweet pair.  Keeley does a little happy circle dance when she’s excited about something – like dinner and both enjoy a cuddle.

They enjoy a walk and a potter and a sit on your lap but they are not high energy or demanding.  After dinner, they’ll happily put themselves to bed without a peep.

Once they’ve had a vet visit and any ‘work’ done and a tidy up at the groomers – they’ll be ready to find their new family.