Elfy is a 5 yo Chihuahua who has come (originally) from a breeder and been with his current owner for 5 months. He is completely terrified of people and will fear bite if cornered. In 5 months, he has only just started to venture inside a little with this lady and will occasionally take some food from her hand. Due to health reasons she is now moving in with her daughter who has two young children. She called him Elfy because he’s like a little elf who lives in the garden.

He’ll start the process of learning to be a house elf at #angelashouseofhounds and we will seek a new adoptive home for him but it will need to be with someone who has a small well adjusted dog who can show him how to be a companion dog – or someone who has the time and patience to teach him to trust.

I find these little dogs the saddest of all. It takes a really long time and a lot of persistence to teach them that the human home is not a bad place. Those socialisation periods for young pups are so critical – and if missed – the effects can be significant and life-long.

Still – with love and patience – we welcome Elfy