Sheltie is a 13 yo Maltese x Shih Tzu. She is the size of a Shih Tzu but has a coat that is more Maltese.

She came into our care after her Mum went into Nursing care. She has been loved and cared for during her life and our groomer says she’s a delight to groom.

She appears to have some arthritis and some allergies (affecting coat and ears) and a sensitive tummy.

She is currently on liver support medication as recent blood tests indicated a larger than usual liver. Ultrasound indicated normal appearance and colour.

She also has a grade 1 heart murmur but is asymptomatic at present.

She’s a quiet easygoing laid back kind of girl – not high energy at all. She’s very enthusiastic about food and will bark to let you know that she’d like it to happen a little quicker – thank you very much!

She spent a couple of weeks home alone after her owner went into care with someone just coming to feed her and walk her occasionally. I think this made her anxious and I think she is probably missing the life and the Mum she had and was used to. She’s coming out of her shell but we’re yet to see a tail wag!